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Investing in Kenya can be as easy as ABC. Here is what you may or may not know about HFC and what is has available for its customers whether in mortgage or banking.

Q. Who is diaspora customer?

A diaspora client is any non resident Kenyan or foreigner who would like to enjoy the banking services and products provided in Kenya.
At HFC, we not only provide mortgage services but we also have banking services such as Current and Saving account products that are designed to suit their needs and at the same time provide convenience and return on investment.

Q. What can we do for you as a Diaspora customer?

We have a wide range of mortgage products available to you for investment. These include property (plot, apartments, and houses) purchase, construction of residential and commercial houses and much more. We finance up to 70% the price of the property.

Q. Can I start saving for a mortgage while abroad?

Yes. There are savings accounts targeting those who would like to save towards owning a home. Such accounts include but are not limited to the following:

The Crossover Savings Account is an account that offers you very attractive features that enable you to save for long term projects such as home ownership or any other dreams you have in mind.  These features include earning high interests on the deposit made to the account, earn loyalty points on every deposit made into the account.

The Housing Development Bond (HDB) on the other hand is also good for those who want to set aside money for putting up a home. The HDB requires a minimum of Kshs 50,000 and offers a saving of 5% on withholding tax. HDB gives you the flexibility of savings and withdrawal in case there is an urgent need for the money.

Q. What is the process of applying for a mortgage?

The first step towards applying for a mortgage is to provide your income details to us i.e. net income, living expenses, rental or other income (if any).  We will then appraise you and advice on the loan amount that you would qualify for. This will then enable you to budget appropriately and look for a property that you can comfortably pay for.

Once you have identified a property, you will need to submit your full application to us for approval. On approval, we will give you an offer letter which you will; be required to accept by signing and returning the same to us within a stipulated time period.

Some of the documents we will need from you are:

1. Full Copy of Kenyan Passport and ID
2. Valid Residence permit/ Work permit/ copy of the Foreign passport
3. Copy of recent utility bill e.g. gas, power
4. Introduction Letter from employer stating terms of employment, income & retirement age
5. 3 months latest paystubs
6. 6 month latest certified salary  Bank statements
7. Draft Sales Agreement/ draft Offer letter
8. Fill, date and sign loan application forms
9. Fill in and return the net disposable form
10. Fill in and return the insurance  proposal form
11. Credit Reference Bureau report from the country of residence

• Valuation report – by client  from any of our approved valuers
• Original sale agreement
• A notarized copy of the marriage certificate or affidavit for applicants with joint names
• Witnessed and signed offer letter by a Notary Public

Q. How can I get a property in Kenya?

One of the trusted ways that you can access a wide range of properties in and around Kenya is through the HFDI, Property Point. This is a one stop property shop that showcases a wide range of properties from various property suppliers in Kenya, thus enabling customers to access and choose form our database.
In addition, Property Point has also entered into strategic partnerships with suppliers of building and construction materials such as cement manufacturers, tiling, paint manufacturers, cabling etc. to make all these services accessible under one roof at negotiated discounts. This is especially useful for those who are constructing and would like to enjoy bargains in their building and construction materials. For information on properties available and what the Property Point can do for you, please visit

Q. I already own a property and would like to borrow funds against it. How do I go about it?

This is made possible through a product named Vuna Hela (Equity Release)

Vuna Hela - Through regular repayment, one acquires ‘equity’ in their mortgage equivalent to the amount already paid up. Acquired equity can be availed for further property development or other purposes. Money is lent on the value of the equity.

Vuna Hela is a loan product that targets individuals who already own property {a house or a vacant plot} or are currently servicing a mortgage. It provides easy & affordable access to an extra source of financing as the interest charged is equivalent to that charged on a mortgage – and spread out over a long period (up to 15 years) just like a mortgage.

One can use the funds to buy another property, construct a house, go on holiday, pay off other loans, and invest in business e.t.c

Q. How do I construct when away?

This can be done in one of two ways; Makao or through our Construction Loan product.
Makao is a product that offers a one stop solution for people who aspire to construct residential properties without going through the hassles of construction. There are pre-designed house types to choose from depending on your wallet size. All you need to do is provide your income documentation for pre-appraisal and sign up for the prototype of choice. The house will be delivered on your plot complete with keys and a house manual after a pre-determined period.

Alternatively, you can choose a team of professionals to carry out your construction through our Construction Loan Product. HFC has an in-house team to vet and oversee the project to ensure the construction is done to detail. The funds are usually disbursed in stages after thorough site inspections are done.

Q. How much can I apply for when taking a Construction Loan?

At HFC, we will finance you up to 70% of the costs of construction. The amount given is also dependent on your income and ability to pay the facility.

Q. As a developer in the Diaspora, how would HFC assist me?

HFC would finance you in developing the project under our construction product(s).
We would also market and sell the houses through our Property Point and finally provide mortgage to the end buyers of the project.

Q. I work for an international organization on contract. Is it possible for me to still qualify for a mortgage?

Yes. When considering your application, we would look at several factors such as the stability of the organization, your profession within the organization, duration you have worked with the organization and number of renewed contracts.
We also consider your other sources of income e.g. rental income in Kenya and spouses income.

Q. How do I get more information?

Write to us on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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