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Cyclical Mortgage

This is a mortgage product for those who do not receive a regular monthly income but who receive their income on a cyclical basis. Under the Cyclical mortgage, we will set your repayments on pre-agreed cycles to suit your income flow thus offering quarterly, half-yearly or yearly repayments.

The cyclical mortgage product is a product that will enable specific customer groups to qualify for a mortgage which they repay in set cyclical periods based on their income flows. Who is it for?

  • Large Commercial Farmers
  • SME Business Owners
  • Landlords with leased premises
  • Professionals under contract (Consultants, engineers on contract etc)
  • Schools / Institutions receiving fees 2 / 3 times a year
  • Those who earn their income on a periodical basis.
  • Offer customers convenience of repaying their mortgages in pre-agreed cycles that correspond to their income receipts.
  • Enabling customers, esp. farmers and SME’s to access working capital loans.
  • Providing mortgages to farmers and others who previously have had difficulty in accessing this product.
  • Equity Release – allows you to borrow on the value of your own equity acquired from repayment of your mortgage.
General Requirements
  • Copies of Identification documents
  • Copy of the PIN Certificate
  • Fill our application form
  • Open a Lengo savings account
  • If the account is joint, please provide copies of a marriage certificate
For Self Employed Persons
  • Audited accounts for last three years
  • Originals or certified copies (by bank) of bank statements for the last 1 year
  • Business registration certificate
  • Cash Flow projections for three years
  • Projected Balance Sheet & Profit & Loss Statement for three years
  • Copy of latest annual returns
  • A note giving brief history of business and nature of business
For farmers;

The requirements for appraising and processing a farmer’s income should comprise the following in addition to those in the general requirements:-

  • Bank statements for the last 3 years.
  • A cash flow forecast covering the next 3 years.
  • Farming experience of the applicant.
  • Farming activity location, size and terms of land ownership e.g. uprightly owner, leased etc
  • Source and cost of farm input like fertilizers & chemicals, seeds, machinery, labor, storage and other associated costs.
  • Proof of Market for the farm produce.

If you have already identified your property of choice, kindly provide:

  • Sale agreement / draft
  • Sale agreement / letter of offer
  • Copy of title
  • Payment of valuation fees as will be advised

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