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Employers Sponsored Schemes

This product is designed for financing the purchase of a new or an existing residential property, purchase of urban residential plots and construction of a residential property through a subsidised facility provided by the employer or sponsor.
When an employer wishes to pass on reduced rates of interest to his employees as a benefit, he can use this scheme designed specially for corporate clients. The employer deposits a certain capital sum with Housing Finance as a back up and then decides the rate of interest he wishes to pass on to his employees. The rules of the scheme are largely decided by the sponsor, subject to the minimum prudential guidelines on lending provided by Housing Finance or the various regulatory authorities.

A small margin is charged by Housing Finance to cover costs. Through this facility, the employees of the firm concerned benefit from subsidised interest rates for their mortgages.

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"There is nothing preventing us from ending homelessness. It's not a disease like cancer where we still need to find a cure. We know the cure. Its affordable housing for everyone and support services for some small number."

Sam Tsemberis, founder of the 'Pathways to Housing' Organisation,

Speaking to Affordable Housing Finance Magazine, June 2007.

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