HFC Extends Access To HF Whizz Digital Banking Platform With USSD, Higher Loan & Transaction Limits

  • The bank has rolled out USSD version of the HF Whizz digital banking platform on *618# to enhance accessibility to customers who only have feature phones or those with limited internet access.

Nairobi, October 23rd 2018 – HFC, the banking subsidiary of HF Group has unveiled improved loan and transaction limits to its customers and extended access to include USSD via *618# to complement its HF Whizz App channel currently available on both Android Playstore and iOS Appstore.

Effectively, the Bank has enhanced its loan limits to Ksh50,000 up from Ksh10,000, the Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) limit to Ksh500,000 per transaction up from Ksh70, 000 and also increased daily transactions limit to Ksh1,000,000 up from Ksh200,000. In addition, payment limits for buy goods and pay bill has increased from Ksh70, 000 to Ksh200,000 per transaction.

“HF Whizz is highly versatile, affording us the opportunity to quickly scale it up and introduce new functionalities that help customers to bank, save and grow with us. Our customers have so far been able to seamlessly open accounts, deposit money and make transactions without ever having to visit any of our branches. Our versatility has enabled us to listen to our client needs and preferences and has given us the room to improve on our loan and daily transaction limits,” said HFC Chief Information Officer George Njuguna.

Credit forms a big portion of forging strong customer relationships and these new changes are aimed at improving customers experience whilst keeping the process seamless.

“Our constant interactions with our customers on their everyday lifestyle and experiences, their ambitions, motivations and aspirations help us understand their financial needs better. The initiative towards enhancing our loans and daily transaction limits was informed by this process which is now embedded in our culture. Listening and learning from our customers has enabled us shape HF Whizz platform to provide solutions that complement their lifestyle” said HFC Chief Digital Officer Nancy Matimu.

Beyond merely displaying transactions, HF Whizz has other functionalities that enable customers track their daily and monthly expenditures therefore helping them make informed financial decisions when it comes to spending.

The bank has also rolled out the USSD version of the platform to enhance accessibility to customers who do not have smart phones or have very limited internet access reinforcing its focus on delivering a simple and fast digital banking at the speed of all its customers’ lifestyles.

The new USSD, *618#, is set to facilitate the mobile banking proposition and will go a long way in helping customers with feature phones or those with limited access to the internet make transactions without having to step into the banking halls thereby saving time and money.

“We take into consideration our customers’ needs and future financial aspirations and as such will continuously make these upgrades applying the most versatile technologies to ensure that they get the best from the platform to deliver on our promise of simple and fast banking. These improvements are also set to ensure that we provide customers with a world class customer experience while positioning HF as a multi- dimensional digital financial services provider,” Mr. Njuguna said.


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