HF Foundation Holds Forum to Mentor Artisans at Komarock Heights Development

...forum part of HF Foundation’s efforts to bridge technical skills gap in Kenya

12th April 2017… HF Foundation has today hosted a mentorship forum for 56 artisans at Komarock Heights development in Nairobi. The artisans are part of the Foundation’s ongoing training and internship programme aimed at improving the quality of technical skills in the construction industry. Komarock Heights has hosted skills development training for over 500 artisans since it broke ground in September 2015.

The programme, which was rolled out in partnership with the German Corporation for International Development (GIZ), supports trainees in selected institutions to gain hands-on training in occupations related to the construction sector and facilitates practical internship opportunities.

The success of the program is attributed to the partnership with industry contractors such as CM construction, Wesco Electrical and electronic engineering company, Jinsing Enterprises Co. Ltd, Ultra Power Systems, Vee =Vee Enterprises Ltd, Mantoy Enterprises Ltd and Levitz Construction Ltd.

Of the 56 artisans, 26 were awarded certificates for having completed their 3 month internship training in the trades of masonry, plumbing and electrical installation. The forum marked the beginning of the programme, which is expected to run between 2017 and 2018, targeting an overall of 450 trainees.

Speaking during the event, Caroline Sikasa, the Senior Programs Manager of HF Foundation called for improvement of technical skills and enhancement of a robust curriculum for technical courses. This, she said, would help bridge the widening technical skills gap in Kenya.

“The programme will ensure competency based education and training which is demand driven and also promotes enterprise culture so as to offer a wide range of employment opportunities to the youth,” said Ms. Sikasa of HF Foundation.

Present at the event were contractors and representatives from industry bodies such as the Kenya Property Development Authority (KPDA) who advised the artisans on industry best practice and career prospects.

The mentorship programme is aligned to the Vision 2030 flagship project aimed at bridging the technical skills gap in the country. Through the Foundation, HF Group is the first private sector player to spearhead this Vision 2030 flagship project.

The initiative builds on HF Foundation’s continued commitment to improve overall skills in the construction sector.


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