HFC Limited (the “Company”) is pleased to announce for information of its bondholders and the general public that the Final Redemption of the Principal Amount of Seven (7) year Medium Term Note will be paid on Monday 2 October 2017.  


The Company shall effect the payment as follows:

  • Fixed rate notes - the principal amount  together with the final semi-annual interest payment at a fixed rate of 8.5% per annum
  • Floating rate notes - the principal amount  together with interest at a margin of 3% plus 182 Treasury Bill rate of the last auction date immediately preceding the interest payment date, subject to a minimum of 5% and maximum of 9.5% per annum (on the amount of notes held)

The payment shall be made to the note holders whose names appear on the Register of bondholders as at the close of business Friday 29 September 2017.

Accordingly, trading of the bond shall be suspended and notes delisted with effect from Friday 29 September 2017.


The Company extends its gratitude to all bondholders for the investment, which has resulted in a significant value uplift for both the investors and the business. The Company is proud of having established a track record of successfully raising capital from the debt market as well as retiring the debt in full on maturity.

Date: 28th September 2017

DISLAIMER:  This announcement is for information purposes only. It has been issued with the approval of the Capital Markets Authority pursuant to the Capital Markets (Public Offers, Listing and Disclosures) Regulations, 2002 (as amended). As a matter of policy, the Capital Markets Authority assume no responsibility for the correctness of the statements appearing in this announcement.


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