Artisan Loan

The product is designed for artisans and are given loans so they can buy equipment and grow their craft and business.



  • Must have undergone training through HFF or any recognized tertiary institution
  • Must be economically active in employment or business
       a) If employed-Must have been employed for over 6 months
       b) Self Employed-Must have 12 months track record in the business
  • Should be able to demonstrate cash flows through the bank account and /or mobile money transactions
  • The applicant should be below 55 years
  • Should be able to provide a guarantor



  • Open  a HFC transactional account 
  • A guarantor statements if he is not banking with us
  • Original ID for borrower and guarantor
  • Bank /Mobile money transactions statements
  • Employers letters letter confirming employment details (If borrower is employed or where a contract has been awarded a letter confirming payment through HFC)



  • Loan amount upto Kes. 350,000
  • Loan duration is 24 months
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Quick processing



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