Bonds & Guarantees

These are commitments by the bank to support your contractual obligations to third parties.


Application form duly executed.

Fees & Rates

  • Bonds - 2%p.a. (min Kes. 3,000) plus 10% excise tax  
  • Guarantee - 0.5%per quarter payable in advance
  • Issue commission (Unsecured) - 3%p.a. (min Kes. 5,000)                        
  • Issue commission (secured) - 2%p.a. (min Kes. 3,000)                              
  • Renewal commission (Unsecured) - 3%p.a. (min Kes. 5,000)                        
  • General Amendment - Kes. 2,000     
  • Cancellation Commission - Kes. 500
  • Claims Processing - Kes. 2,500


  • Guarantees can be for any amount (subject to availability of suitable facilities) and in any freely traded currency
  • Bonds and guarantees can usually be issued in the buyer’s currency                                         
  • You want to provide assurance that you can meet your contractual obligations                     
  • Help tender for business that may otherwise have been out of reach                                      
  • We issue Bid Bond /Tender Guarantee, Performance Guarantee, Retention Money Guarantee, Custom Bonds  and Stand by Letter of Credit (SBLC)



  • Enables you to provide your buyer with a financial commitment to supply goods or services as agreed under a contract
  • Demonstrates your financial credibility and underpins your ability to meet contractual obligations
  • Enables you to make your proposition more attractive to your buyer
  • Allows you flexibility on negotiating contract terms because our Bonds and Guarantees can be issued in the buyer’s currency                        
  • Our wide range of bonds and guarantees can support you throughout the life cycle of the contract                                  
  • Provides a choice of standard or custom made wordings, enabling us to give you and your buyer the bond or guarantee that meets your specific needs  


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