Corporate Banking Accounts

The bank offers various account products customized to meet the needs of SMEs, Corporates and Institutions. The accounts are available in KSHS and USD.



  •  Application form duly completed                                            
  • Board of Directors resolution to open accounts                                     
  • Certificate of incorporation/Registration      
  • Company PIN & VAT                     
  • ID & PIN copies of all directors
  • Copy of Annual Returns/CR 12 
  • Utility Bill  



Fees & rates/cost

  • Ledger Fee                                          
  • Cheque book -Kes. Per leaf                            
  • Stamp Duty



The main types of accounts available: Current account, Collection account, Fixed Deposit account, Call Deposit account, Savings account and Pay Bill account.



  • Banking services are accessible from any HFC branch across the country
  • Access to online banking services. Preferential pricing on foreign currency transactions
  • Customized accounts to capture specific customer information
  • Reports or integration to help in bank reconciliations                                                         
  • Access to a dedicated relationship Manager, always on call to attend to your needs


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