Crossover Savings Account

The Crossover Savings Account is a high interest savings account that opens life’s important doors.

At HFC we realize that everyone has dreams. Something we all want to achieve in the future. Whatever it is, chances are you will need a long term savings account in order to achieve these dreams. The Crossover Savings Account is designed to help you do well.
This account makes it ideal for long term savings projects, such as for home ownership or any other dreams you have in mind, making it the best savings account in Kenya.

Start making your dream a reality! 

Features & Benefits

  • Competitive interest paid on your saving
  • No ledger fees / Charges on the account
  • Easy pre-qualification when applying for a mortgage loan or a cash cover facility
  • Access to 100% mortgage financing depending on the loan amount
  • Redemption of points through fabulous branded items and household appliances
  • To enjoy the benefits set out in the account, you are required to have saved in the account for a minimum period of 1 year 


  • 1 passport size photo
  • Copy of identity card
  • KRA PIN Certificate
  • A letter of introduction from an existing account holder, your employer or your bank
  • Confirmation of physical address through a utility bill, bank statement or by an account introducer


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