Housing Development Bond

The HDB is an account that allows a fixed amount of money to be saved for a period of time. The account holder declares the amount to be saved as a lump sum which is then fixed for an agreed period. It is designed for the individual saver who will not need to access the funds for the duration of the savings plan.


Features & Benefits

  • Withholding tax of only 10% compared to the 15% rate normally charged
  • Minimum deposit amount of Kes. 50,000
  • Access to direct loans of up to 90% the value of the deposit held at attractive interest rates
  • Higher negotiated interest rates depending on the amount deposited
  • Special considerations when applying for a mortgage
  • Flexible investment periods for as short as 1 month to suit your investment plan
  • A customer cam migrate to a hybrid fixed term deposit where interest can be paid monthly, quarterly, half-yearly etc in to a separate savings account depending on the needs of the customer



  • A copy of your National ID / Passport
  • KRA PIN Certificate
  • One recent passport size photographs
  • A deposit equal to or exceeding the minimum amount required
  • A letter of introduction from an existing account holder or a reference letter from your employer or banker
  • Confirmation of the physical address through a utility bill, a bank statement or by the account introducer


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