Home Loan for Diaspora

Owning a home just got easier.

If you are looking to buy your own house, then our Home Loan is specially designed for you.

Visit any our website and set off on the course to living your dream. 



  • Copy of Kenyan Passport and ID
  • Copy of Kenyan PIN certificate
  • Copy of recent utility bill e.g. gas, power
  • Introduction Letter from employer stating terms of employment, income & retirement age
  • 3 months latest paystubs
  • Credit Reference Bureau report from the country of residence
  • Notarized 6 month latest certified salary Bank statements
  • Notarized residence permit

***All documents should be notarized by either Notary of public, Stamped by Kenyan Embassy, High commission or Certified by our appointed agent



  • Up to 70% financing of the selling value or price for a maximum period of 10 years
  • Product is for outright purchase of a home 


Fees & Rates

  • Commitment Fee of 1.5%
  • Valuation fee of approximately 0.5%
  • Legal Fees of approximately 1-2%
  • Stamp duty of 4%



Our Home Loan provides you with an affordable way to buy a home with; 

  • Up to 105% financing 
  • Loan repayment duration of up to 20 years
  • For occupied homes, there is tax relief for customers
  • Mortgage protection cover in case of death or disability
  • Includes insurance cover for fire 


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