Letters Of Credit

Letters of credit help to cover your trading risks by allowing you to protect against defaults on delivery from local or overseas suppliers and guarantees your payments abroad.



  • Application form duly executed


Fees & Rates

  • 0.5% p.q on issuance   (Min Kes. 3,000)                                               
  • 0.5% p.q on Acceptance  (Min Kes. 3,000)                                               
  • 0.3% flat on settlement (Min Kes. 3, 000)                                               
  • LC Amendment (General) - Kes. 3,000                                                
  • LC Amendment (Extension) - 0.5% p.q (min Kes. 5,000)                                               
  • Discrepancy charges- USD 100
  • Release against indemnity charges - 0.1% flat (min Kes. 2,000)                                               
  • LC Advising charges - Kes. 3,000                                          
  • LC Confirmation charges - 0.5% p.q. (min Kes.5,000)                             
  • LC Documents discounting Charges - 0.3% flat (min Kes. 3,000)  
  • LC Documents Negotiation/Precossing Charges - 0.3% flat (min Kes. 3,000)                    
  • Courier Charges - Kes. 4,000   Avalisation Charges - Kes.0.5% p.q. (min Kes. 3,000)       
    Holding Charges   Kes. 3,000 p.m.                                                        
  • Inward Cheque for collection - USD 50                                          
  • Documents handling charges - 0.5% flat (min Kes. 3,000)



  • Offers importers finance as soon as compliant documentation is presented                              
  • As an importer, you wish to strengthen your credit worthiness and ensure delivery of your imports as contracted



  • Gives you the reassurance of a secure, globally recognized method of settling overseas trade                                          
  • Offers flexibility as we can match your letter of credit to your business needs and payment can be made for any amount and in any freely traded currency       
  • Enables you to negotiate improved credit terms if you are importing goods, thereby improving your cash flow                        
  • Your letters of credit will be subject to the International Chamber of Commerce’s rules for Documentary Credits providing you with reassurance that worldwide standards apply to you and your trading partner      


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