Term Loan

This is a flexible financing option offered by HFC that can be tailored to your specific business needs for a period less than 60 months (5 years).


  • Application form duly completed                                         
  • Board of Directors resolution to open accounts                                      
  • Certificate of incorporation/Registration        
  • Company PIN & VAT                    
  • ID & PIN copies of all directors
  • Copy of Annual Returns/CR 12
  • Utility Bill                                        
  • Proposal for borrowing indicating : amount being borrowed, Purpose, type of facility required, proposed repayment period and any other relevant information   
  • Audited accounts for the last three years
  • Current management accounts
  • Cash flow projections for the next five years


Fees & Rates

  • Interest Rate: Central Bank Reference Rate (Currently 10.0%) plus a margin of 4% i.e. 14.0% p.a. or 10% p.a. for USD loan                          
  • 2% commitment fee 



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