Trade Collections

It allows you to receive and make payments efficiently and securely, for your exports and imports.



  • Application form duly executed


Fees & Rates

Inward Collections

  • Advising - Kes. 3,500
  • Acceptance Charges - 0.5% per quarter (min Kes. 3,500)
  • Avalisation - 1% per quarter (minimum Kes. 3,500)
  • Payment Charges - 0.5% flat (min Kes. 3,500)
  • Holding Charges - Kes. 3,000 per month
  • Swift Charges - Kes. 3,000  

Outward Collections

  • Courier Charges - Kes. 5,000,
  • Document Handling - 0.5% (min Kes. 3,500)
  • Swift Charges - Kes. 3,000



  •  It offers you a straightforward, globally recognised method of settling payments for your exports and imports                                            
  •  It provides the added convenience of HFC tracing payment and acceptance



  • A simple and safe way to receive or make payments                                               
  • Gives you more assurance around the quality of your imports                            
  • Can provide reassurance, particularly when dealing with new trading partners
  • Enables you to predict your cash flow more accurately


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