Western Union

HFC is an authorized Western Union service agent, enabling you to send and receive money within minutes at any HFC branch countrywide.

How to receive money via Western Union

  • The sender of the money should provide you with a tracking number (MTCN) once they complete the transaction. The MTCN makes it easier and faster to pick up your money.
  • Visit your nearest HFC branch and carry along the MTCN and your national Identity card, a valid passport or a government issued ID to pick up your money.
  • Complete the remittance form provided at the branch and show your identification. Once verified, you will receive your money

You can also receive funds directly into your account if the sender indicated so when sending the money.

Your name on the transfer record must exactly match your name as it appears on your ID. Otherwise payment may be delayed or you may be unable to pick up your funds.

How to send money via Western Union

  • Visit your nearest HFC branch and complete a simple remittance form where you will indicate:  the amount you wish to send, destination country, and the name of the person you intend to send to.
  • Give the teller the completed form with the applicable funds (including transaction fee). Pay with cash or you may debit your HFC account.
  • The teller will process the transaction and give you a receipt and MTCN number for the transaction. Save both for your records.
  • Contact the person receiving your money transfer and let them know the transfer has been done and provide the MTCN for them to receive the money.


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