Launched Competency based education and training curriculum development workshop

In March 2014, HF Foundation convened over 400 stakeholders in the Building and Construction industry in a workshop that resulted in identification of specific competencies and consequently standards required in the industry.  This workshop was officiated by the Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya, Hon. William Ruto. The Standards which were developed under the guidance of the Competency Based Education and Training (CBET) Framework Development Steering Committee are meant to guide the inculcation of relevant skills in individuals involved in the construction sector. The overall objective was to develop a framework that reflect the current realities of the building and construction engineering professions and to provide additional guidance on performance standards, learning requirements and personal attributes. Occupational standards were developed in the following areas; Roofing Carpenter,  Pipe fitter,  Electrical Wireman, Concrete Mason, Split Air Conditioning Fitter, Electric Arc Welder, Wall painter, Block Layer, Metal Scaffold and Steel Fabricator. The occupational standards can be used for a variety of purposes including basis for training and assessment, curriculum package development, accreditation of training programs, career development and certification of practitioners.