An Electrician With a Difference

Meet Njeri.
When Njeri was growing up as a girl, she would interact with her cousin who used to do electrical work. He really inspired her and she realized that it was her dream to be an electrical engineer as she loved to know how big machines operate. Despite the society’s perception of the difficulty in engineering for women, Njeri decided to pursue her dream.

With courage, passion and incredible determination to redefine local gender stereotypes, Njeri decided to pursue a craft certificate in Kabete Technical Training Institute in 2012. In order to support her studies, she applied successfully for a loan. 

In 2014 as she was in her final year of studies, she heard about HF Foundation and their work with artisans in the ‘Army of 1 Million Artisans’ and she approached them for an internship opportunity. 

Her application was successful and she was posted for a 3 month internship at Eco Maji East Africa. There, she was able to gain practical on-the-job skills as well as expand her networks.

Upon completion, Eco Maji offered her a job in their company which she worked there for a year until she decided to go back to school and pursue her diploma. 

She was able to save through the year and managed to repay her student loan. She had also been supporting herself and her two younger brothers through school. Now one of the brothers has completed high school and the other is in his last year.


Written by
Communications Manager, HF Foundation.



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