Our Burglary/Theft covers loss or damage to property insured resulting from theft involving entry or exit from the premises by forcible and violent means including hold up or theft accompanied by assault or violence or threats to the insured or employees of the insured.  


 Benefits to the Insured

  • We shall provide Coverage for theft of your insured property following forcible entry and exit from premises
  • We shall provide Coverage for damage to the insured property during theft or attempted theft
  • We will provide Coverage for theft consequent upon threat of immediate violence or violence intimidation  
  • You will be eligible for a discount if the loss ratio is very low and if have hired a 24 hour watchmen for your business premises



  • We will require a duly completed and signed proposal form from you
  • Company certificate of registration
  • PIN certificate for the company
  • List of items to be insured and their values
  • Location of the business premises
  • For you to take up this policy we will require you to take up the Fire and special perils cover


  • Property damage claim form to be filled by the insured
  • Police abstract
  • Pro-forma invoice, quotation, purchase receipt or replacement receipts of the similar items stolen
  • Inventory of the items stolen/damaged
  • Written statement by the insured and any witness available