Fidelity Guarantee

Our FG covers employees holding positions of trust and it protects the company against losses resulting from acts of dishonesty by employees.


Benefits to the company

  • Covers employees against theft of stocks and related items, cash/cheques in their possession



  • Duly completed and signed proposal form
  • Company certificate of registration
  • PIN Certificate for the company
  • Cover limits or guaranteed limits
  • Names and positions of covered custodians


Target Group

This policy is ideal for:

  • All institutions/companies that handle cash and employ Cashiers and accountants e.g. Banks, Schools, supermarkets, petrol stations, hardware shops
  • All institutions/Companies that employ sales persons and handle stock and cash collections
  • All institutions that have employees in record keeping, computer operators and purchasing


How To File A Claim

  1. Fidelity guarantee claim form to be filled by the insured
  2. Employment details for the staff involved
  3. Internal security report for the company/insured
  4. Internal audit report for the company/Insured 
  5. Claim Reference no.
  6. Risk note