Mortgage Insurance

Give yourself the assurance of a lasting investment. Our Mortgage protection policy is simply a life policy that pays off what is left of the mortgage when the life assured passes on.


1. Detailed Scope of cover: 

  • We will pay the outstanding mortgage loan in event of Natural and accidental death; 
  • We will pay the outstanding mortgage loan in event of PTD-Permanent total Disability (Accident & Illness); as a result of an accident and illness leading to loss of earning power 
  • We will provide a Critical Illness Benefit (30% subject to a maximum limit of Kes.8, 000,000); Rider, which provides payment of 30% loan balance subject to a maximum Limit of Kes.8,000,000 upon a member being diagnosed with any of the listed Dreaded Illnesses [i.e. Heart attack, Cancer, Stroke, Kidney failure, major Organ Transplant, Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery, & Paraplegia] within the Policy Period. Note that pre-existing conditions are not covered; 
  • For the employed you need not worry, we will provide an unemployment rider covering nine (9) months loan repayments installments following loss of employment due to organizational restructuring or winding-up of employer’s business; 
  • In addition we will provide the following Optional Life plus riders. 

2. Cover option: Level Term. 

3. Free Cover Limit=Kx.25, 000,000. 

4. Premium Rates: 

  • Life Cover=Mortgage rates-16% interest tables; 
  • PTD (Accident & Illness) =Free; 
  • Critical Illness=Free; 
  • Unemployment=free; and 
  • Life plus=0.48%p.a. 

Age + term 70years, max 80years.


Documents required in the application of DP cover.

  • Completed a Group Policy Proposal form. 
  • Copy of ID
  • Copy of PIN certificate
  • Payment of Premium.


You can count on us on Claims processing: But you will provide with the following to enable us proceed.

(i). For a death claim, we require the following: 

  • A claim notification letter from the Bank; 
  • The original death certificate; 
  • Original National ID and PIN; and 
  • Original statement of Account. 

A properly documented claim will be settled within five [5] working days from the date of receipt of duly executed discharge forms. 

(ii). For Permanent & Total Disability Claims, an approved Doctor must confirm the irreversibility of member’s disability. 

(iii).For Critical Illness Claims- Our appointed doctor report confirming the diagnosis of the dreaded disease. 

(iv). For Unemployment Claims-Proof of loss of employment. 

(v). For Last Expense claims- A burial permit or letter from doctor certifying death or Mortuary Acceptance Certificate. Our Last expense benefit is payable within 48 hours.



  • Our mortgage protection cover eliminates the Hassle of following the deceased’s estate to recover outstanding loan by the Bank/financier.
  • The Estate of the deceased persons is left intact hence creates financial stability for the family left behind.
  • The Terms are negotiated for whole group mortgage scheme by HFIA and are hence very competitive rates.
  • It includes a Mortgagee’s clause – Interest of the bank as a financier is noted hence all proceeds are payable directly to the bank to clear the outstanding loan. Your home revert to your deceased estate.

Target Group

This policy is ideal for:

  • Financed/Mortgage customers.


How To File A Claim

  1. Original death certificate/ medical report incase it’s a claim on disability.
  2. Original burial permit.
  3. Original I/D or Birth certificate or surrender of I/D form.
  4. Marriage certificate in case of spouses.
  5. Police abstract if the death is as result of road traffic accident, Murder assault or sudden death( All documents must be duly certified)