If you are looking to construct a house, then this is the ideal home construction solution for you.

Makao is a hassle free building solution that aims at enabling customers who own a plot to develop it conveniently and cost-effectively. Borrowers select house types from a catalogue and take advantage of building professionals provided by us, to construct it for them with minimal supervision. 


Requirements for Employed Persons

  • ID/Passport copies
  • KRA PIN Copy
  • 3 months' payslips
  • 6 months' salary bank account statements
  • Letter from employer


Requirements For Self-Employed Customers

  • ID/Passport copies
  • KRA PIN Certificate
  • 3 years' audited books of account
  • 1 year bank statements
  • Certified copy of partnership deeds (for partnerships) and Rental schedules (for Landlords)



  • Up to 100% financing, opening of a Makao account
  • Access to over 50 designed
  • Customers provided with choice to choose from Makao Home Loan or Cash Makao


Fees & Rates

Makao Home Loan 

  • Commitment fees- 1.5%
  • Site inspection fees- 1%
  • Commitment fees of 3.5% of construction costs/Loan approved
  • Stamp duty on charge of 0.1%
  • Statutory costs for drawings & document approval of Kes. 5,000
  • This brings the total fees to 2.5%


Makao- Cash (Whereby there is no loan granted but we use the Customer’s funds to carry out the construction.)

  • Site inspection fees- 2.5%
  • 10% of construction cost (fees charged for construction)




  • Hassle free
  • Convenient
  • Provision of end-to-end solution for construction
  • Access to professionals
  • Availability of more than 50 house designs


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