Multi Development Loan

Conceiving a project and turning it into a reality requires hard work and the right partner.

This Multi Development Loan, delivered through the HFC project financing solution is available for developers who wish to build multiple residential or commercial property either for sale or rent.

The solution consists of an in-house team of experts who work closely with established professionals in the design and construction industry, in the development of the investor’s concepts into viable projects, all coupled with personalized and tailor-made services to meet the unique client needs.

The solution is available for a wide range of property developments including office space, retail shopping centres, individual hospitality and educational facilities.



  • Financing up to 70% of the project cost excluding land
  • The construction loan under this approach is tailored to be disbursed alongside project implementation mainly upon presentation of certificates of works completed
  • The loan is structured such that principal repayment falls due upon start of commercial operations i.e. completion and occupation of the lettable space/residential units over a specified and agreed period.
  • The construction loan is converted upon start of commercial operations into a mortgage and is repayable on the applicable terms but to a maximum of 10 years period.



  • Fast processing of the loans
  • Interest is only paid on the disbursed amounts during construction period
  • Access to in-house construction experts team
  • Flexible,experienced  and reliable staff
  • Access to a pool of experts through HF group partners



  • Approved building plans with supporting bills of quantities
  • Copy of title
  • Certificate of registration
  • Copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • IDs & pin of directors, evidence of project contribution
  • Profile of project professionals
  • Approved environmental impact assessment report and feasibility report.


Fees & Rates

  • Commitment fees - 1.5% of the loan amount
  • Excise duty -10% of the commitment fees
  • Inspection fees - minimum of Kes 15,000 (depends on project location)
  • Other related costs - stamp duty, valuation fees, legal fees