Foreign exchange solutions

Our Treasury is dedicated to meeting your foreign exchange needs both for transaction and hedging against exchange rate fluctuations by offering innovative solutions at competitive pricing. In addition to currency exchange, the Treasury also offers attractive forex rates for forex trading, placed with the bank.


Today’s exchange rates

Foreign exchange solutions

  1. Foreign exchange same day/spot transactions- we offer our clients competitive exchange rates for purchase and sale of currencies, both in cash and for RTGS/SWIFT transfers. Settlement of the exchange is same day for cash, and same day to two working days for RTGS/SWIFT transfers.  

  2. Foreign exchange forward transactions- we also offer competitive exchange rates for deals whose settlement is on a day which is different to the normal spot rate e.g. 1 week, 1 month, 3 months etc. This instrument will protect our client against adverse exchange rate fluctuations by locking a future forex rate today. 

  3. Foreign Exchange Swap- we also offer our clients FX swaps whereby we agree to exchange currencies at an agreed rate on a specified value date normally spot and reverse these transactions at an agreed rate on a different value date.