HF Whizz diaspora App Features

Send money from anywhere in the Diaspora at local Kenyan rates, just as you would from home. Our local tariff applies wherever you are in the world. No more middle men. Enjoy international money transfer (IMT) at a fraction of IMT cost.


Safe and secure
Pay for your goods directly from your account. We got you sorted.


Send Money
Send money straight to Mpesa recipients from anywhere in the world to their phone.


Savings and trusted property investment
Over 50 years’ experience in property development, investment and finance    


Make payments via Buy Goods or Pay Bills from anywhere in the Diaspora to Kenya and send the payment confirmation to your friends and family back in Kenya to collect from the merchant.

How it works

If you want to send money directly to your relas back home, pay bills, transfer money from your HF Whizz account to another HF Whizz account or deposit cash into your account, these videos are here to guide you step by step.


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