HF Whizz Features

HF Whizz offers you the opportunity to bank, save and grow with multiple features that include:

Pay for goods directly from your HF account. Select a biller from the app and sort your bills quick and easy.

Transfer Money
HF to HF account for FREE, Send from your account to mpesa, HF account to another bank account.

Deposit and save money to make your dreams a reality.

Budget Tracker
Track and manage your expenditure from your phone.

Buy Airtime
Buy airtime for you or a friend straight from the app.

Apply for your loan directly from your phone. Your future is our priority.

How it works

Experience fast and simple digital banking with HF Whizz app. Deposit money into your account, make banks to bank transfers, open savings accounts, pay school fees, make retailer payments, get instant loans and so much more.


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